Undergraduate studies

Welcome to the section of the website dedicated to current students.

Here you can find the online Undergraduate Student Handbook which students MUST read and refer to throughout their studies and is accessible by clicking on the heading link below:

Undergraduate student handbook


The sections listed below comprise of quick links to some areas of the Undergraduate Student Handbook that are relevant information for students as they go through the student lifecyle.



Semester Dates 2017/18

List of math course units and programme structures

Undergraduate projects

Course unit selection process

Timetables by cohort

Undergraduate on-line forms 

Changing your degree Programme

Welcome and Induction

Welcome Week

Staff in the School of Mathematics

School Policies: Health and Safety and Academic Malpractice

Timetabled classes

Feedback Supervisions

Study Period

Access My Manchester

Access Blackboard

Study Resources

Work and Attendance

International Census

Academic Malpractice

Mitigating Circumstances

Student Support

and Engagement

School Support Services (incl. disability support)

University Support Services - staying in Manchester over christmas then

find out whats on at: bit.ly/UoMChristmasGuide.

Feedback on course unit surveys

Student representatives and submitting feedback

Committee structures including the Student Forum and SSLC

Assessment and Exams

Coursework and examinations 

Progression Rules

Exam feedback and past papers (viewing exam scripts)

Examinations Document v23 (all taught students)

School policy on marking

Appeals and complaints

Graduation Graduation Ceremony Information refer to Student Services Centre website




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