MSc Taught Timetables

Below is a list of MSc Taught Mathematics programme timetables. This is for information only. Personal Timetables are available by logging into the Student Portal from the front page or under My Courses tab. Note that the Personal Timetables are only available once a student has completed registration and course unit selection has taken place. Please make sure you check your timetable as changes may be applied.

PROVISIONAL for 2015/16 academic year


Below are links to on-line programme timetables from 2014/15 academic year 

MSc Actuarial Sciences

MSc Applied Mathematics

MSc Applied Mathematics with Industrial


MSc Applied Mathematics with Numerical Analysis

MSc Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Logic

MSc Mathematical Finance

MSc Statistics (Financial Mathematics)

MSc Statistics (Statistics)


Semester 1 Coursework Timetable Level 6

Year 6 coursework/test timetable - Sem 2 updated 18th March 2015

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