Student Representatives and Submitting Feedback

‌‌The School of Mathematics values feedback from its students about the teaching and support provided by the School. The main channel for communicating this feedback is through our student representatives. These are students in your year and on your programme who will represent your views at our regular PG Staff Student Liaison Committee meetings. The committee meets four times a year and comprises the student reps, the Head of School, the Head of School Administration, the Director of PG Studies, the Director of Teaching and other staff representatives. If you have anything you would like us to discuss please contact your student rep.


Minutes from the PGSSLC

PGSSLC 15 October 2015

PGSSLC 27 November 2015

Meet your 2016/17 Student Representatives

If you don't wish to speak to one of your student representatives in person you can either e-mail them on one of the addresses provided below or submit anonymous feedback using the form in the left-hand navigation.

A number of your student reps also sit on other Committees within the School and Faculty. For the 2016/17 academic year, these are:

School Board: Philip Ndikum, Ibukun Ademehin..

Health & Safety Committee: Philip Ndikum

Teaching & Learning Committee: Xiaoyu He.

Faculty Staff, Student Liaison Committee: Amy Mallinson, Yongdong Li.

Postgraduate Taught Reps

Actuarial Science (William Lee)

Email William

Applied Mathematics (Georgia Brennan)

Email Georgia

Applied Mathematics (Celene Yin Lee)

Email Celene

Mathematical Finance (Jiayue Xu)

Email Jiayue

Postgraduate Research Reps

Applied Mathematics (Steven Elsworth)

Email Steven

Applied Mathematics (James Rynn)

Email James

Statistics (Lin Mu)

Email Lin

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