Viewing your examination scripts

Students are given an opportunity to view their marked examination scripts. You will receive an email about booking an appointment to view scripts.

The School does not remark examination scripts. However students can request that their script is checked to ensure that all parts have been marked and the total mark has been calculated correctly.

Exam feedback and past examination papers

Exam Feedback 2014/2015 - Semester 2 (July 2015)

Exam Feedback sessions are organised each semester by the Teaching & Learning Office and are an opportunity for students to see their marked examination scripts.

Copies of the examination paper and generic feedback (where available) are listed below. ‌

We are in the process of uploading exam papers and feedback.

Level 1 

Course UnitExam PaperExam Feedback
MATH10202, Linear Algebra A MATH10202 MATH10202
MATH10212, Linear Algebra B MATH10212 MATH10212
MATH10222, Calculus and Applications A MATH10222 MATH10222
MATH10232, Calculus and Applications B MATH10232
MATH10242, Sequences and Series MATH10242 MATH10242
MATH10282, Introduction to Statistics MATH10282 MATH10282
MATH11222, Calculus & Applications (Phys) MATH11222 MATH11222

Level 2

Course UnitExam PaperExam Feedback
MATH20122, Metric Spaces MATH20122 MATH20122
MATH20132, Calculus of Several Variables MATH20132 MATH20132
MATH20142, Complex Analysis MATH20142 MATH20142
MATH20212, Algebraic Structures 2 MATH20212 MATH20212
MATH20222, Introduction to Geometry MATH20222 MATH20222
MATH20302, Propositional Logic MATH20302 MATH20302
MATH20502, Fluid Mechanics MATH20502 MATH20502
MATH20512, Classical Mechanics MATH20512 MATH20512
MATH20522, Mathematical Modelling MATH20522 MATH20522
MATH20602, Numerical Analysis 1 MATH20602 MATH20602 Exam Feedback
MATH20712, Random Models MATH20712 MATH20712
MATH20722, Foundations of Modern Probabil MATH20722 MATH20722
MATH20802, Statistical Methods MATH20802 MATH20802
MATH20902, Discrete Mathematics MATH20902 MATH20902
MATH20912, Introduction to Financial Math MATH20912 MATH20912
MATH20962, Contingencies 1 MATH20962 MATH20962
MATH20972, Actuarial Insurance MATH20972 MATH20972

Level 3

Course UnitExam PaperExam Feedback
MATH31002, Linear Analysis MATH31002 MATH31002
MATH31022, Analytic Number Theory MATH31022 MATH31022
MATH31072, Algebraic Topology MATH31072 MATH31072
MATH31082, Riemannian Geometry MATH31082 MATH31082
MATH32012, Commutative Algebra MATH32012 MATH32012
MATH32062, Intro. to Algebraic Geometry MATH32062 MATH32062
MATH32112, Lie Algebras MATH32112 MATH32112
MATH34032, Green's Functions, Integral Eq MATH34032 MATH34032
MATH35012, Wave Motion MATH35012 MATH35012
MATH35032, Mathematical Biology MATH35032 MATH35032
MATH36022, Numerical Analysis II MATH36022 MATH36022
MATH37012, Markov Processes MATH37012 MATH37012
MATH38032, Time Series Analysis MATH38032 MATH38032
MATH38052, Generalised Linear Models MATH38052 MATH38052
MATH38152, Social Statistics MATH38152
MATH38152 (formula)
MATH39012, Mathematical Programming MATH39012 MATH39012
MATH39032, Mathematical Modelling in Fina MATH39032 MATH39032
MATH39522, Contingencies 2 MATH39522 MATH39542
MATH39542, Risk Theory MATH39542 MATH39542

Level 4

Course UnitExam PaperExam Feedback
MATH41002, Linear Analysis MATH41002 MATH41002
MATH41022, Analytic Number Theory MATH41022 MATH41022
MATH41072, Algebraic Topology MATH41072 MATH41072
MATH41082, Riemannian Geometry MATH41082 MATH41082
MATH42112, Lie Algebras MATH42112 MATH42112
MATH42122, Galois Theory MATH42122 MATH42122
MATH43032, Non-Standard Logics MATH43032 MATH43042
MATH45122, Transport Phenomena and Conver MATH45122
MATH45132, Stability Theory MATH45132
MATH46052, Approx Thry & Finite Elmnt Ana MATH46052 MATH46052
MATH46132, Numerical Optimisation & Inver MATH46132 MATH46132
MATH47112, Brownian Motion MATH47112 MATH47112
MATH48032, Time Series Analysis MATH48032 MATH48032
MATH48052, Generalised Linear Models MATH48052 MATH48052
MATH48082, Design and Analysis of Experim MATH48082 MATH48082
MATH48122, Markov Chain Monte Carlo MATH48122 MATH48122
MATH48132, Longitudinal Data Analysis MATH48132 MATH48132
MATH49102, Stochastic Modelling in Financ MATH49102 MATH49102

Level 6

Course UnitExam PaperExam Feedback
MATH60082, Computational Finance MATH60082 MATH60082
MATH61002, Linear Analysis MATH61002 MATH61002
MATH61022, Analytic Number Theory MATH61022 MATH61022
MATH61072, Algebraic Topology MATH61072 MATH61072
MATH61082, Riemannian Geometry MATH61082 MATH61082
MATH61112, Ergodic Theory MATH61112 MATH61112
MATH62112, Lie Algebras MATH62112 MATH62112
MATH62122, Galois Theory MATH62122 MATH62122
MATH64062, PDEs: Theory &Practice MAGIC56 MATH64062 MATH64062
MATH65122, Transport Phenomena MATH65122 MATH65122
MATH65132, Stability Theory MATH65132 MATH65132
MATH66052, Approximation Theory MATH66052 MATH66052
MATH66132, Numerical Optimization MATH66132 MATH66132
MATH67112, Brownian Motion MATH67112 MATH67112
MATH68032, Time Series Analysis MATH68032 MATH68032
MATH68052, Generalised Linear Models MATH68052 MATH68052
MATH68082, Design & Anal of Experiments MATH68082 MATH68082
MATH68122, Markov Chain Monte Carlo MATH68122 MATH68122
MATH68132, Longitudinal Data Analysis MATH68132 MATH68132
MATH69102, Stochastic Modelling in Finance MATH69102 MATH69102
MATH69542, Risk Theory MATH69542 M‌ATH69542


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