3. Registration

3.1 September Registration 2018


Registration is open from 1 September.  For full details of the registration process, please see http://www.welcome.manchester.ac.uk/


Remember: you can register, at your own pace and at a convenient time, between 1 September and the deadline of 30 September.  Please be aware that if you do not complete registration by this date, you will be liable for a late payment charge.  Failure to complete registration by the 30 September 2018 will result in a late charge of £200.


If you have a query about registration please contact the Student Services Centre on:

Tel: +44 (0)161 275 5000, option 4

email: ssc@manchester.ac.uk


3.2 Welcome week

Each programme has an induction period at the beginning of the academic year. During this period there is a wide range of activities arranged to help you with the programme, your studies and your life at University, here in Manchester and in the UK.


In the School of Mathematics at the beginning of the academic year, there is an introduction to the School, to university facilities, to staff and your fellow students, and courses on the use of various computer packages.  The list of courses relevant for you is in your pack. 


In addition to School activities, the University and the Students' Union have a range of introductory events, including the Societies Fair where you may choose from an enormous list of activities, from Fencing to Mountaineering, from Dance to Films, Chess to Bell-ringing, from Political and Religious Groups, to Charities and Hobbies.


3.3 University card

You will be required to collect your University card (student card) after completing your online registration.  International students (i.e., non-EU/EEA passport holders) will need to have their passport and their UK identity card, if it has been issued, available for copying when they attend the Student Services Centre to collect their University card.  International students who do not have these documents with them will not be issued with a University card.


You can find a list of venues issuing University cards at http://www.welcome.manchester.ac.uk/new-students/


International Students must attend International Check In to be issued a student card.

3.4 Tuition Fees


Information regarding tuition fees is available from the Student Services centre, and also online at http://www.campus.manchester.ac.uk/ssc/tuitionfees.


3.4.1 Funding awards made by the School

If you were notified of a funding award, the School of Mathematics will be making arrangements to pay your tuition fees.  Please contact mathematics@manchester.ac.uk immediately if you have any problems with your funding from the School.


3.4.2 Maintenance allowance

If you were awarded a stipend to cover the cost of your maintenance, you will be paid at the beginning of each month by direct debit into your personal bank account starting from October. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ENTER YOUR BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS ON TO THE SYSTEM AT THE TIME OF YOUR REGISTRATION


If you don’t provide your bank account details on time, you may miss your first maintenance payment.  Therefore it is important to complete your bank account details as soon as possible.  Once you have completed your bank account details any outstanding maintenance payments will be transferred into your account.


If you are expecting to receive an award from the University of Manchester make sure you have entered you bank account details into the student system so that we can pay you.

Make sure you are logged in to My Manchester using your central username and password - e.g mfbxiskv - which you were given when you signed up for your IT account.

Go to the 'My Services' Tab and click the 'Student System' link

Click Campus Finances and then View Financial Aid and click on the green button to enter your bank details.

Note: If you cannot see this green button, this means that we already have bank details on record for you.

If you wish to change your bank account details, please visit the Student Services Centre during opening hours to complete the appropriate paperwork.

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