1.  Introduction

Welcome to the School!  Manchester has one of the largest School of Mathematics in the country with over 90 academic members of staff, over 200 postgraduate students, and more than 1,000 undergraduate students, and our research interests span across all branches of mathematics from pure to applied to probability/statistics.  We hope to make your time here both productive and enjoyable!


1.1 How to read this handbook

This handbook contains most of the information that you will need to study on the MSc programmes taught within the School of Mathematics.  In many places this handbook refers to the University's policies, regulations and guidance documents which are the definitive source of information and rules for your programme.

In this handbook, `taught postgraduate students’ or `students' refers to students registered on MSc, Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate programmes within the School of Mathematics.


1.2 Points of contact

Your main point of contact throughout your studies will be your academic advisor and/or programme director.  Later in the year you will also be allocated a dissertation supervisor, who will supervise your progress through the dissertation component of the MSc. The roles of all the people who can help you or offer advice are given below.


1.2.1 Your academic advisor

Your academic advisor is there to take a direct interest in your academic progress and general welfare and should be the first point of contact should you experience any problems or difficulties.  Your progress will be followed through a series of meetings which take place at regular times throughout your programme. Your academic advisor will also be easily available throughout your programme; many academic advisors operate an `open-door' policy, alternatively you can email them to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.


You will informed who your academic advisor is at registration.


1.2.2 Course unit lecturers

Lecturers are responsible for each of the taught course units.  They will give lectures, run examples classes, and will be responsible for setting and processing your coursework and examinations. Lecturers are normally willing to talk to students about specific problems with their particular course unit.


1.2.3 Your programme director

The programme director is responsible for the overall running of your programme and studies.  They are also responsible for ensuring that the process of allocating dissertation topics and supervisors goes smoothly.


MSc in Actuarial Science:


Dr Kees Van Schaik

tel: 0161 2755853 Rm 2.142    kees.vanschaik@manchester.ac.uk

MSc in Applied Mathematics:


Dr Gareth Wyn Jones

tel: 0161 3063642 Rm 1.115        gareth.jones-10@manchester.ac.uk

MSc in Mathematical Finance:


Prof Goran Peskir

tel: 0161 3063215 Rm 2.240   goran.peskir@manchester.ac.uk 

MSc in Pure Mathematics & Mathematical Logic:

Dr Gareth Jones

tel: 0161 2755858 Rm 2.144   Gareth.Jones-3@manchester.ac.uk

MSc in Statistics:


Dr Jingsong Yuan

tel: 0161 3063695 Rm 2.207 jingsong.yuan@manchester.ac.uk


1.2.4 Your dissertation supervisor

Your supervisor is responsible for your progress on your dissertation (for M.Sc. students) or report (for Pure Mathematics Diploma students).  Supervisors will be allocated in Semester 2; your Programme Director will circulate details nearer the time.


1.2.5 The Teaching and Learning Office

The Teaching & Learning Office, situated on the ground floor of the Alan Turing Building, can offer advice on administrative matters relating to your programme.  The Postgraduate Administrator is: Anna Bigland (ext. 50176),  e-mail: mathematics@manchester.ac.uk.


1.2.6 The Director of Postgraduate Studies

The Director of Postgraduate (Taught) Studies has overall responsibility for postgraduate taught programmes in the School. The Director of Postgraduate (Taught) Studies is:  Dr Peter Foster Room 2.229(ext. 55915), email: peter.foster@manchester.ac.uk.


1.2.7 The Head of School

Professor Oliver Jensen (ext. 55831), e-mail: oliver.jensen@manchester.ac.uk 


1.2.8 The Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Professor  Danielle George


1.2.9 The Vice-President and Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Professor Martin Scröeder



Under most normal circumstances the people described above should be able to resolve any problems you may have. 


A list of staff members in the School of Mathematics, with their room numbers, phone numbers and email addresses is available on the school website http://www.maths.manchester.ac.uk/people/staff/


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