9.  Mitigating Circumstances




The School Examination Boards have the responsibility to implement the University's policies and regulations in a manner which is fair to students, taking into account all known circumstances.  Each student is responsible for informing the Examination Boards of any facts that he/she wishes to be considered.  These facts may, for example, be concerned with personal difficulties or ill health (whenever possible obtain a medical certificate for ill health).  You should always inform your academic advisor of any personal difficulties affecting you or your studies; you should also complete a School of Mathematics Mitigating Circumstances Form, available on-line http://www.maths.manchester.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/information-for-current-students/student-support/.


Remember that if you want the Examination Board to take medical or other Mitigating Circumstances into account, it is important that you provide independent documentary evidence (for example, a letter from your GP or hospital) to support your case, whenever possible.


The deadlines for submitting information about mitigating circumstances to the Examination Board are:  


First Semester Mitigating Circumstances Deadline:

12 January 2018, 4pm. 

Second Semester Mitigating Circumstances Deadline:

15 May 2018, 4pm.

Referred/Deferred Examination Mitigating Circumstances  Deadline:

17 August 2018, 4pm.

Dissertation Submission Mitigating Circumstances Deadline: 


10 September 2017, 4pm.


Only new information that has become available subsequent to the meeting of the Examination Board may be used in appeals, other than where exceptional circumstances gave the student good reason to withhold information.

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