7.  Assessment

7.1 Coursework

Many course units have a coursework element, which counts towards the assessment of the course unit. Typically, the coursework counts for about 20% of the total marks available for the course unit, but some course units are assessed entirely by coursework while others are assessed entirely by examination.  The coursework can take various forms and details will be provided by the lecturer or given on the course unit's webpage.


7.1.1 Coursework submission

Coursework that requires hard-copy submission must be submitted to the Teaching and Learning Office Main Reception in the Alan Turing building.  Submission forms are available and you will be given a receipt by the receptionist.  The deadline for submission is 4pm on the day the work is due.  Some coursework may require electronic submission via Blackboard.  THe relevant lectureres will advise more on this as such cases arise.


7.1.2 Penalties for late submission

The mark awarded will reduce by 20% per day for 5 days (assuming a 0 -100 marking scale), after which a mark of zero will be awarded.  See also Section 7.4 on mitigating circumstances.


7.1.3 Mitigating circumstances

Students may be given permission to submit work late if there are Mitigating Circumstances but this would need to be authorised in due course by the Mitigating Circumstances Panel. You should apply for an extension by submitting a School of Mathematics Mitigating Circumstances Form and you should apply before the deadline whenever possible. Applications submitted after the deadline must have a good reason for not being submitted before the deadline. Should you be unable to submit coursework (or project work) as a result of illness or any other acceptable cause, you should see the lecturer or supervisor concerned and your Programme Director. You should also obtain a doctor's note (whenever possible) and complete a School of Mathematics Mitigating Circumstances Form, available online from http://www.maths.manchester.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/information-for-current-students/student-support/


If you miss a coursework test through illness, then you must obtain a doctor's note (whenever possible) and complete a School of Mathematics Mitigating Circumstances Form, available online from http://www.maths.manchester.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/information-for-current-students/student-support/  Your case will then be considered by the appropriate Mitigating Circumstances Panel, which will decide what action to take (if any).


7.1.4 Return of coursework

Your coursework will normally be returned within 10 working days via reception or in lectures.


7.1.5 Coursework offences

See section on academic malpractice.


7.2 Examinations

Details about examinations and links to all examination regulations are given at the following website:



7.2.1 Examination of School of Mathematics course units 

First Semester course units are normally examined in January, while Second Semester course units and full-year course units are normally examined in May/June. Full information about the length of each examination paper, the number of questions on each paper and the number of questions you are expected to answer will be given to you by the lecturers in charge of course units. They will also give you examples of typical examination questions. Examination papers from previous years are available via the University website:




If you answer more than the number of questions required in the rubric of an examination paper, it is advisable to cross out the questions that you do not want to be marked. Some examiners will mark all the questions you attempt and count the best ones. Others will only mark the number of questions required by the rubric and will ignore later attempts at other questions. The lecturers will tell you in advance which policy they will adopt and this will be stated on the rubric.


7.2.2 Exam timetables

The examination timetables are posted well in advance of the examination periods on the website:



You must check the examination timetable in good time. Each student is allocated an individual seat number for each examination and you are required to sit in the seat which has been assigned to you. You can obtain your own individual copy of the timetable from

https://my.manchester.ac.uk. Then select the My Course tab followed by the My Exams portlet.


Queries about the examination timetable should be addressed to the Student Services Centre.


The University does not regard failure to read the timetable correctly as an acceptable reason for absence.


7.2.3 Conduct during examinations

See http://www.tlso.manchester.ac.uk/map/teachinglearningassessment/assessment/sectiond-theprocessofassessment/examinationsguidanceforstudents.


7.2.4 Calculators in examinations

The University policy on calculators in examinations can be found here: http://www.tlso.manchester.ac.uk/map/teachinglearningassessment/assessment/sectiond-theprocessofassessment/useofcalculatorsinexaminations/.


7.2.5 Use of dictionaries in examinations

Language translation dictionaries may not normally be used.  Students with disabilities ar allowed to use electronic dictionaries or similar aids if they have a letter from the Disability Support Office to certify that they may use a specified aid; this letter must be taken to all examinations to certify that they may use the aid concerned.

The University policy on the use of dictionaries in examinations can be found here: http://www.tlso.manchester.ac.uk/map/teachinglearningassessment/assessment/sectiond-theprocessofassessment/useofdictionariesinexaminations/.


7.2.6 Arrangements for extra time or other special arrangements 

Arrangements for students who need extra time in examinations are normally made centrally by the University’s Examinations Office. However, for injuries or illnesses which occur immediately before or during one of the examination periods, arrangements for students to have extra time for their examinations, or a scribe or a reader, will be made by the School’s Disability Coordinator, Stephanie Keegan (stephanie.keegan@manchester.ac.uk). If you have the misfortune to find yourself in this position, please give the Disability Coordinator as much notice as you possibly can.


  • Students who need to take their examinations in a special room or who need the help of a scribe or a reader because of a long-term or on-going disability are strongly advised to see the School’s Disability Coordinator as soon as possible.
  • Students with a short-term disability (for example, resulting from an injury or illness that occurs during the year) should see the School’s Disability Coordinator as soon as possible after the disability occurs. If the DSO makes recommendations for special arrangements for examinations, then the same arrangements can be put in place for coursework tests.
  • Students with a disability who need extra time (or a scribe, or a reader) for coursework tests should see the School’s Disability Coordinator and she will make the arrangements.
  • Please give the Disability Coordinator as much notice as possible for each test, so that she has plenty of time to make the arrangements.
  • Extra time for coursework tests is not given automatically and it is not arranged by the DSO, so if you require disability support provision you do need to make the arrangements personally with the School’s Disability Coordinator.
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