2. Facilities for postgraduate students

2.1 Email

You should quickly become familiar with the electronic mail (email) system because all important information is sent in this way, and it will be assumed that you read email sent to your university email address on a regular basis. 


2.2 Computing facilities

There are two computer networks available to postgraduate students within Mathematics: the University Windows system and the School Linux system. The School's Linux system gives access to various specialist mathematical packages. There is an introductory class on this during the first week of Semester 1, and students are strongly recommended to attend. You will also have a school UNIX e-mail account which you may wish to link to your main university account. 

There are PC clusters located across the University campus.  In the Alan Turing Building there are University PCs located in the MSc/MMath workroom (see section 2.7) on the 1st floor and in the computer cluster on the ground floor G.105.  The PCs in the MSc/MMath workroom also run the School Linux image.

If you are using your own device then you can connect to the internet via WiFi.  There are two WiFi networks available across the University campus: the University of Manchester WiFi network ('UoM_WIFI') and Eduroam.   It is recommended that you use the Eduroam network.  You can register for Eduroam here: http://www.itservices.manchester.ac.uk/wireless/eduroam.

IT Services provides most of the campus IT services for staff and students of the University of Manchester. For information on how to get started, help and support please visit their website at:  http://www.itservices.manchester.ac.uk/.


2.3 My.Manchester.ac.uk

The majority of electronic resources available within the University can be found by logging in to http://my.manchester.ac.uk with your University username.


2.4 Blackboard

We will make extensive use the eLearning environment Blackboard.  You can access this via http://my.manchester.ac.uk. We expect that you are, after induction week, able to use it to access course material and communicate with your colleagues.  More information about Blackboard can be found here:  http://www.studentnet.manchester.ac.uk/blackboard.


2.5 Printing

Postgraduate taught students may use School printers in the Brian Hartley Room for work and research purposes.  Please note that use of printing facilities is monitored by the School.  Excessive use of printing, or printing of non-academic materials, will result in you being charged for the costs and possibly banned from using the School's printers.


2.6 Photocopying

Photocopiers are available in all of the library buildings.  Taught postgraduate students do not have access to the photocopiers in the School.


2.7 MSc and MMath student workroom

Taught postgraduate students have access to computers and hot-desking facilities in the Brian Hartley Room, 1.211, on the 1st floor of the Alan Turing Building.  This space is so that you have somewhere quiet in which to work between lectures, or where you can work on your dissertation.  You are expected to keep noise to a minimum. Food and drinks are not allowed in the workroom and you should ensure that the workroom is kept clean and tidy. 


2.8 Access to the building

The Alan Turing Building is normally open from 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday, except when the University is closed. 

Postgraduate students can access the building outside working hours using their University card.  If your card is not working then please contact the Teaching & Learning Office (mathematics@manchester.ac.uk).   Students who are working very late or at weekends are advised to notify the Security Office (ext. 52728). 

Out-of-hours access is a privilege and not a right.  You must not allow people who are not registered students in mathematics access to the building.  You must use any facilities in the building (such as the kitchen and Atrium Bridge Common room) responsibly.  If out-of-hours access is found to be abused then it will be withdrawn.

The vicinity of the buildings should not be considered completely safe at night, particularly for unaccompanied women.

In accordance with University policy, smoking is prohibited throughout the buildings, within any door entrance or access ramp.


2.9 Library facilities

The library service is provided in several locations, as well as over the web. The Main Library (covering nearly all subject areas), The Joule Library (engineering and physical sciences) and The Eddie Davies Library (postgraduate studies in business and management) hold the core working collections. They are supported by a number of smaller, specialised libraries across the campus, most of which duplicate material held in the core libraries.  See http://www.library.manchester.ac.uk.

As a postgraduate student you will often need to locate and read research papers published in journals, particularly when you are preparing your dissertation. Many journals are available online, either from the University Library's website or, in many cases, direct from the journal's home webpage.

Books from the main library can be borrowed for up to one semester.  There is also a Short Loan section for the most popular books which can be kept for a limited period.  Your University card acts as a library card.  Overdue books incur heavy fines and you may not be awarded your degree unless all books borrowed from the university library have been returned and any fines paid.

An induction event explaining the available library facilities is usually organised in September of each year.  All taught postgraduate students should attend this.

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