Course Units Offered

Under the link below there is a list of all the level 6 (MSc taught course units) and descriptions of each course unit content and study information.


Below is a list of the MSc programmes, from the link you can access the programme specification.




Useful Definitions:

Courses that overlap sufficiently in course content that both cannot be taken for credit.

A course that must be taken at the same time as (or before registration in) the desired course.

A course that must be successfully completed prior to registration for credit in the desired course.

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Programme namePathway(s)
 Actuarial Science (1 Year) [MSc] Main    

 Applied Mathematics (1 Year) [MSc]


Industrial Modelling Numerical Analysis
 Mathematical Finance MSc (1 year) [MSc] Main    
 Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Logic (1 year) [MSc] Main    

 Statistics (1 Year) [MSc]


Financial Statistics  
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