9.  Student representation and feedback

9.1 Staff-Student Liaison Committee



The Director of Postgraduate Research Studies meets with all Postgraduate Research Students in the School each semester. Students are also encouraged to call in to see the Postgraduate Directors or the Postgraduate Administrator at any time to discuss any issues which may arise throughout their studies. 


There are normally two representatives of Postgraduate Research Students.  Student representatives are normally elected in September of each academic year and serve for one year on committees within the School and Faculty, for example the School Health and Safety Committee and the Faculty Staff-Student Liaison Committee. You can also ask them to act as intermediaries in any problems with members of staff.




9.2 Postgraduate Research Experience Survey

The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) runs every two years and is a national survey of all research students in the majority of UK universities.  The results of PRES are used to inform the School, Faculty and University on matters relating to PGR provision.


9.3 Course unit surveys

Students taking taught course units as part of the taught component will be asked for feedback on their course units.  For MAGIC courses, you will complete a short questionnaire towards the end of the MAGIC semester.  Information from the MAGIC course unit questionnaires feed back to the MAGIC Programme Committee.  For MSc course units, you will complete a short questionnaire in Week 3 of semester and another, more detailed, questionnaire in Week 11.  The results of these surveys feed into the School's Teaching Committee and quality assurance processes.


9.4 Advice outside the formal channels

The majority of problems that you may experience as a postgraduate research student can often be most easily and quickly resolved informally.  In the first instance, you are strongly recommended to take up all academic or personal problems with your Supervisor or Advisor or with your Programme Director for your group or the Director of Postgraduate Studies.  You may also seek help outside the School from the Postgraduate Administrator or the Faculty Graduate Office.

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