8.   Demonstrating and teaching within the School

8.1 Demonstrating and teaching

Postgraduate research students have the opportunity to take part in various undergraduate teaching related activities.  Such activities include: marking coursework, helping a lecturer with the support classes for a lecture course, or running small group supervisions for first year undergraduates.  You are encouraged to take part in such activities as they can provide useful skills that can enhance your curriculum vitae.  However, you should ensure that you are not taking on so many teaching and demonstrating duties that it affects the progress on your research project.


The School puts limits on the amount of teaching and demonstrating work that you can do.  Students in their first, second and third year of the PhD, or full-time students in their first year of their MPhil, can do 22 hours of demonstrating in each semester without the permission of your supervisor.  It it possible to do more than this, if you wish, but you will need your supervisor's permission.  PhD students in their fourth year, and MPhil students in Year 2, need their supervisor's permission to do any teaching activities.


All postgraduate demonstrators are assigned by the Teaching & Learning Office, or by Colin Steele (Director of Service Course Teaching) or the Director of Teaching. Demonstrating or marking duties allocated by individual academics will not normally be paid so please check with the Teaching and Learning Office before accepting a contract.  Demonstrating allocations are made several weeks prior to the commencement of the semester, information regarding allocations will be sent to students by email from the Teaching and Learning Office.

8.2 Teaching and demonstrating training

If you wish to undertake demonstrating duties, then you are required to attend the Graduate Teaching Assistants/Demonstrators training course, FEPSS8200 Graduate Teaching Assistant Training.  You can book a place on this course via eProg.  This is a one day course which is organised by the Training Development Unit.  This initial course is then followed by a half-day subject-specific training session, provided by the School of Mathematics.  Please visit the Graduate School’s website for further information on training courses available at


8.3 Payment for demonstrating and teaching duties

If you have a teaching assistant contract to carry out demonstrating or marking duties then you are classed as a member of staff by the University's Payroll department and you need to complete the relevant expense claim form. This can be obtained from reception.  Click on the drop down menu ‘My Services’ and select ‘Expenses claim’.


Once you have completed your Fee or Expense claim please ensure that your supervisor’s signature or the signature of the person who requested that you do the work is on the form, in the margin if necessary. Once signed please hand in to Tracey Smith at Reception in the Alan Turing Building.

8.4 Open days and visit days

You may also have the opportunity to help at open days, outreach events with local schools and other visit days.  If you have been promised a fee for this work then you will need to complete a ‘Non-Staff and External Personnel – Fee Claim form PR7’ which can be found here:



So that payroll can assess whether to tax you on this income you must complete a P46 form (http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/forms/p46exemptonline.pdf) and also attach a photocopy of some photo-id, such as a driving license or passport along with your University card; note that your University card alone will not suffice.

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