Printing facilities in the School of Mathematics

Printer queues in Alan Turing

As part of IT Services plan to decommission as much local infrastructure as possible, the Maths CUPS print server has been shutdown. For most people the change should not be noticeable as identically named print queues on the IT Services iPrint service have already been created.
Those people who will be impacted are those running their own linux installations, and those people who have support for a local printer. For people who have their own local printer, it will be necessary to recreate the local print queue (*after your PC has been rebooted*).
Please note that it is NOT necessary to install a linux iPrint client to use the print queues below, the queues are "standard" LPD print queues.
New linux/Mac LPD print queues are available for:
  Queue         Printer Model                    Name of LPD print queue
AT-1108 - HP LaserJet p4015x     -  lpd://
AT-1134 - HP LaserJet M601       -  lpd://
AT-1210 - HP Color LaserJet M750 - lpd://
AT-1211 - HP LaserJet 9050       -  lpd://
AT-2113 - HP LaserJet M601       - lpd://
AT-2139 - HP LaserJet M601       - lpd://
AT-2212 - HP LaserJet M601       - lpd://
AT-2234 - HP LaserJet M601       - lpd://
AT-G202 - HP Color LaserJet M750 - lpd://
The RPM to change the print queues on linux machines was deployed 31 January 2018, after 3:00pm. However the changes will NOT become effective until linux has been rebooted.
If you wish to "preview" the changes then the print queues on all the cs racks are already using the new iPrint queues.
One advantage of the above change is that the print queues are accessible from anywhere on-campus (including eduRoam). However please note that a print log is retained to verify any abuse of the uncharged printing service.


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