Printing facilities in the School of Mathematics

Printer queues in Alan Turing

There are thirteen multi-user networked laser printers in the Alan Turing building (excluding the two printers in the undergraduate PC cluster G-105).

Most can be used by all postgraduate students and staff, whilst a few should only be used by either academics or administration staff.

Location Public Model Duplex iPrint queue name
Alan Turing G-202 No Laserjet 9500DN Yes HP 9500
Alan Turing G-204 No Laserjet M601 Yes HP M601
Alan Turing G-204 No Sharp MX-M503N ?? Sharp MX-M503N
Alan Turing 1-108 Yes Laserjet M601 Yes AT-1108
Alan Turing 1-134 Yes Laserjet 4250TN Yes AT-1134
Alan Turing 1-209 No Laserjet 4200N No AT-1209
Alan Turing 1-210 No Colour Laserjet 5550DN Yes HP 5550
Alan Turing 1-210 Yes Sharp MX-M753U ?? Sharp MX-M753U
Alan Turing 1-211 Yes HP 9050DN Yes HP 9050
Alan Turing 2-113 Yes Laserjet M601 Yes AT-2113
Alan Turing 2-139 Yes Laserjet M601 Yes AT-2139
Alan Turing 2-212 Yes Laserjet M602 Yes AT-2212
Alan Turing 2-234 Yes Laserjet 4250N Yes AT-2234

Printing from the School unix system

The names of the Unix printer queues are the same as the iPrint queues above. The default printer is AT-1211 located in the Brian Hartley room. A complete list of the currently configured printer queues can be obtained by running the command printer list.
Users can change their default printer using the command printer <queue_name>. By default duplex printing is used. Users can change their default duplexing option by specifying a third argument to the printer command. The available options are simplexduplex and duplex-short for single-sided, double-sided in portrait mode and double-sided in landscape mode printing.

Printing from your own linux machine

You will only be able to print to the School CUPS server if your linux box is behind the School firewall; this means that it must have an IP address starting with either 130.88.16. or 130.88.123..

The IP address of the CUPS server is

Please ensure that if you do connect to the School CUPS server then your own CUPS server does not publish the School printer queues making them publically available.

CUPS printing from Apple OS X machines

The following instructions should allow users of OS X to print to the CUPS printer queues in the School of Mathematics so long as the Mac's IP address begins with 130.88.16. or 130.88.123.

  • From System Preferences, select Print and Fax.
  • From the "Add printer" window, select printer type IP.
  • Select the printing protocol IPP.
  • Enter the server address as
  • For the printer queue names, enter "printers/<iPrint queue name>".
  • Name and location are upto you to choose.
  • For printer type, "generic postscript" is usually sufficient unless duplex printing is required.

To be able to print duplex, it is necessary to install the printer-specific driver (based on the printer model information given above) and configure it appropriately.

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