Fibonacci's numbers in nature & Alan Turing's Manchester: two talks by Dr Jonathan Swinton

Alan Turing's Manchester
Alan Turing G.209,
Alan Turing Building
16 October 14:00-16:00

Join us for two seminars by Dr Jonathan Swinton, talking about Turing's life in Manchester and the relationship between Fibonacci's numbers and phyllotaxis. After the first talk, coffee and refreshments will be served.

Phyllotaxis and Fibonacci's numbers: The word phyllotaxis ("leaf arrangements") was coined in 1754 by the Swiss naturalist Charles Bonnet. Botanists of the following centuries discovered the symmetries and the hidden mathematical structures inside many organisms. In this first seminar, Dr Jonathan Swinton will go into details and will explain how the golden ratio and the Fibonacci's numbers influence the growth of plants and flowers. Although aimed at mathematicians, this talk will not require any specific knowledge.

Alan Turing's Manchester: We all know that Alan Turing has been one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century and has made great contributions to WWII victory. However, what did he find when he arrived in Manchester in 1948 and how did our city influence his daily life? Dr Swinton will answer these questions during his second talk. This talk will be accessible to anyone interested in the history of Manchester and its University.


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