Math Dot Seminar Series

Join us for this years Math Dot Seminar Series where we will develop useful skills for a scientific career. Thank you for everyone who voted in our poll.


Frank Adams 2,
Alan Turing Building
28th February 2018, 4pm

The workshop consisted of two 45-minute talks, one discussing the capabilities and introducing the basic commands and configurations of the editor, and the other focusing on AUCTeX and RefTeX, two specialised packages that enable advanced features for editing and formatting TeX documents.

The presentation for this seminar can be found here.


Frank Adams 2,
Alan Turing Building
21st March 2018, 4pm

Join us for the second seminar in our Maths Dot series where we will develop our Inkscape skills and attempt to make this Rubiks Cube.




Frank Adams 1,
Alan Turing Building
To be confirmed

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Organising Committee

Yuqing Zhang
Gian Maria Negri Porzio
Massimiliano Fasi
Thomas McSweeney
Steven Elsworth