MATHx6101: Numerical Linear Algebra

Rules for Presentation

In what format should I submit the assignments?

Provide your report as a group of A4 pages, numbered, written or printed single-sided, and stapled in the top left-hand corner. At the top of the first page put

Leave a margin of at least 2cm on the left for marking.

If you handwrite the report

If you typeset the report Failure to conform to the required format will result in lost marks.

Do not submit your report in any form of plastic folder or binder.

How do I submit MATLAB code and results?

You must give in printed program listings and printed MATLAB output. It is not acceptable to submit handwritten code and output. Your MATLAB output should be exactly what was produced by MATLAB and not edited. If you are typesetting the report, include the code and output in typewriter font; use the verbatim environment in LaTeX.

Can I work with a friend on the assignment?

It is acceptable for a student to collaborate with another student on an assignment. However, each person must hand in a separate assignment and your report must be written in your own words. You must specify in the title block who you worked with. Please also refer to the Guidelines on Plagiarism in your degree course's Undergraduate Handbook. Adapted, with permission, from