MIMS Workshop New Directions in Functions of Matrices, May 15-16, 2008, The University of Manchester

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Lucy Van Russelt Nick Higham making opening remarks Ilse Ipsen introducing Brian Davies Rajendra Bhatia Brian Davies Bruno Iannazzo Chun-Hua Guo Bruno Iannazzo Michel Crouzeix Michel Crouzeix Andreas Frommer Christiane Tretter Roger Horn and Joerg Liesen Christiane Tretter and Françoise Tisseur Joerg Liesen and Roger Horn Nick Hale Andreas Frommer Joerg Liesen and Roy Mathias Françoise Tisseur and Roy Mathias Andreas Frommer and Michael Eiermann Valeria Simoncini and Beresford Parlett Chun-Hua Guo, Dario Bini and Beatrice Meini Brian Davies Oliver Ernst and Daniel Loghin Michel Crouzeix Roger Horn and Roy Mathias Krystyna Zietak David Silvester, Michael Eiermann and Michel Crouzeix Valeria Simoncini Ilse Ipsen and Christiane Tretter Marlis Hochbruck Roger Horn and Nick Trefethen Roger Horn's figures Andreas Frommer Brian Davies and Nick Trefethen Andreas Frommer Krystyna Zietak Krystyna Zietak Michael Eiermann Sven Hammarling and Michael Eiermann Andreas Frommer Andreas Frommer
Photos by Nick Higham and Younes Chahlaoui.