MOPNET 4 Workshop, School of Mathematics, The University of Manchester, April 27-28, 2011

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Nick Higham making opening remarks. Françoise Tisseur Françoise Tisseur and Brian Davies Alastair Spence, Daniel Kressner and Nancy Nichols John McWhirter and Ruediger Borsdorf Ken Badcock Ken Badcock and Alastair Spence MOPNET4 group photo. Ken Badcock and Ramaseshan Kannan Marco Marletta and John McWhirter Daniel Kressner and Brian Davies Daniel Kressner and Brian Davies Alastair Spence and Daniel Kressner Younes Chahlaoui, Brian Davies and Seamus Garvey John McWhirter and Paul Van Dooren Ramaseshan Kannan and Lijing Lin Christophe Lecomte and Sergey Sergeev Françoise Tisseur and Seamus Garvey Seamus Garvey Seamus Garvey Nick Higham and John McWhirter Peter Butkovic and Sven Hammarling Fernando de Teran and Lijing Lin Nick Higham Marco Marletta Marco Marletta making closing remarks. Ramaseshan Kannan and Alastair Spence Paul Van Dooren and Fernando de Teran Seamus Garvey, Marco Marletta and Brian Davies Meisam Sharify and Younes Chahlaoui Nick Higham, Françoise Tisseur, Brian Davies and Daniel Kressner Nick Higham, Ruediger Borsdorf and Daniel Kressner
Photos by Younes Chahlaoui. Nick Higham, and Lijing Lin.