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Numerical Linear Algebra Group: Need to Know

A good reference for some of the items below is Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences, second edition (1998), which is available in ebook form from SIAM.



Bibliographies for your LaTeX files should be generated with BibTeX. Create your own bib file of all the papers you've read and may want to cite. For examples (and you may want to simply include these in your \bibliography command): For compatibility within the group, please use keys of the form used in njhigham.bib. Thus a 2010 paper by Smith and Jones has key smjo10, a 1974 book by Aho, Hopcroft and Ullman has key ahu74, while a 1990 book by Smith has key smit90.



Version Control


Emacs is an excellent choice of editor for programming, LaTeX, and general text editing. It runs on linux, Mac and Windows. For the Mac, the vanilla GNU Emacs (Cocoa) is recommended in preference to the Mac-specific Aquamacs build.


Useful links: Videos Org mode



Software carpentry project: tutorials, with videos, teaching a wide variety of computing skills.


News Sources



Dropbox is a great way to backup files and share them between different machines (desktop and laptop), as well as share selected files with co-workers. Create a dropbox subdirectory of your home directory and keep (e.g.) your .emacs file there.

Personal Web Page

To set up a web page you can use the template on the School intranet. Also chat to other members of the group to ask how they created their own pages.

Travel Support

The School provides support for postgraduates to attend conferences, particularly if a presentation is to be given. A "Maths PG Travel" application form available at this page must be completed. Please discuss this with one of us. If you are funded from one of our grants it may not necessary to complete the form.


Here is an example CV: LaTeX source, pdf. It illustrates the layout and content for an academic CV. The formatting is quite basic. A good example is Lijing Lin's, created using res_yy.sty. A CV for industry might need to be quite different.


Eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. Many universities across Europe (less so north America) support it. It allows you to log on to wireless networks using your Manchester username and password. For instructions on how to set it up see the IT services eduroam page. Note: you must be on the Manchester campus in order to set up eduroam, so make sure to set it up before you go travelling.


Numerical Analysis group logo in five versions.