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From the people behind the Alan Turing Cryptography Competition.
You are reading the website of the 2020 edition of the MathsBombe Competition, which ended on Sunday 26 April at 11:59 pm
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Posted by Admin on Monday 23 March at 2:11 pm
Due to COVID 19, we are experiencing delays with dispersing the amazon prizes. All teachers will be informed this week if their pupils have won prizes, chapter and spot, so far in the competition. We will attempt to get the prizes out as soon as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope you have all enjoyed the competition so far.
Question 7 reset
Posted by Chris on Tuesday 17 March at 2:15 am
Question 7 has now been reset. The question remains the same, but the error in our answer has been fixed.

All attempts at this question have been removed, and all teams will have three further attempts at the correct answer.

Teams that submitted the correct answer previously (and had it marked as incorrect) will need to resubmit this answer.
Puzzle 7 to be re-run
Posted by Admin on Monday 16 March at 4:31 pm
Dear all,

unfortunately there was an error in our solution to q7. Consequently, some of you have had answers marked wrong which were in fact correct, and those of you with correct answers were in fact wrong (although it took me a long time to find the error!). Apologies for this, we try really hard to come up with difficult puzzles for you and consequently we sometimes make errors! But we are really glad that you are continuing to engage with the difficult maths in the competition.

Q7 will be reset and will relaunch (with the same question) at 16:00 on Wednesday. Scoring will work as if it were a completely new question.

The prizes for the quickest three answers however will go to the teams who submitted the quickest three correct answers last week, we can look in the database to find who those were.

If there are any questions on this we'll do our best to answer them in the forum.

Best wishes,

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