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Contact information:

  • Office: 2.220 Alan Turing Building
  • Address: School of Mathematics, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, United Kingdom
  • Telephone: +44 161 2755816
  • E-mail: Yuri.Bazlov (append the "at" symbol then "" to the email address)
  • School responsibilities:
    Lecturer in pure mathematics
    Programme director, PhD in pure mathematics and mathematical logic
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Research interests

Algebra, more specifically representations of Lie algebras, Hopf algebras, quantum groups. For more details, see Yuri Bazlov's research page.

Courses taught

Undergraduate projects supervised

Topics for projects in algebra are offered to third and fourth year Mathematics students. Projects can be purely theoretical or include a mix of theory and computation.

Students must be well versed in the material covered in Algebraic Structures 1. Interested second year students should consider taking Algebraic Structures 2.

Examples of recent projects: Symmetric groups and bell ringing (3rd year); Hopf algebras and quantum groups (4th year).

Postgraduate supervision

Candidates for PhD and MSc programmes in Pure Mathematics should apply online, see these notes.

However, you are very welcome to contact Yuri Bazlov beforehand and to discuss (informally) possible project and dissertation topics.


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