GDR and Mathmondes

Mathmondes is a network of French and British based researchers all of whom are interested in wave propagation problems. It was initiated in 2004 at the first Mathmondes meeting at ENSTA in Paris, the idea being that although both groups are interested in very similar problems, very little interaction occurs due to the differing (mathematical) language employed. The mathmondes activity was an initiative to break down these barriers and encourage collaboration. In June 2006, we held the 2nd British-French Waves meeting, Mathmondes 2 at the Chancellors conference centre, at the University of Manchester. We can assume that Mathmondes worked well - it acted as a catalyst for mathematicians to be involved in the wider GDR project.

The various activities of the GDR 2501 can be found on the website hosted in Manchester. The French GDR website has more administrative details.

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