February 2016
I have been selected to present my poster at the House of Commons for SET for BRITAIN 2016.
January 2016
I will give a talk “Traversing Time-Dependent Networks in Parallel” at the SIAM PP16.
January 2016
I am currently visiting MIT CSAIL .
September 2015
I won the 1st place presentation prize at 2015 MRSC conference.
September 2015
I gave a talk about evolving graphs at MRSC.
March 2015
I gave a presentation at SIAM CSE15 at Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
January 2015
I gave a short talk about Julia and Matrix Depot at the Manchester Numerical Linear Algebra group.
September 2014
I joined the University of Manchester Numerical Linear Algebra group.
July 2014
I gave a presentation titled “An Extensible Test Matrix Collection” at SIAM Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
March 2014
I was awarded the 2014-2015 University of Manchester Research Scholar Award.