I am a PhD student in Mathematical Sciences (Numerical Analysis). I am interested in Numerical Linear Algebra and Machine Learning and the interplay between these two fields. I am currently looking at problems related to Evolving Networks.

My supervisor is Professor Nicholas J. Higham and my co-supervisor is Doctor Stefan Güttel.

Contact details

Room 2.111, Alan Turing Building
School of Mathematics
The University of Manchester
Manchester, M13 9PL, UK

Email: weijian.zhang@manchester.ac.uk

Twitter: @zweijian

GitHub: weijianzhang


February 2016
I have been selected to present my poster at the House of Commons for SET for BRITAIN 2016.
January 2016
I will give a talk “Traversing Time-Dependent Networks in Parallel” at the SIAM PP16.
January 2016
I am currently visiting MIT CSAIL .
September 2015
I won the 1st place presentation prize at 2015 MRSC conference.


Jiahao Chen and Weijian Zhang, “The Right Way to Search Evolving Graphs”, MIMS EPrint, 2016.7, (2016). To appear Proceedings of IPDPS 2016. [pdf]

Weijian Zhang, “Dynamic Network Analysis in Julia”, MIMS EPrint, 2015.83, (2015). [pdf]

Weijian Zhang and Nicholas J. Higham, “Matrix Depot: An Extensible Test Matrix Collection for Julia”, PeerJ Comput. Sci., 2:e58, 2016. [pdf]



EvolvingGraphs is a Julia software package for the creation, manipulation, and study of time-dependent networks.


An extensible test matrix collection. The aim is to provide useful test matrices for researchers in Numerical Linear Algebra community.


A Julia package for the matrix polar decomposition.