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Restoring Definiteness via Shrinking, with an Application to Correlation Matrices with a Fixed Block (with Nick Higham and Nataša Strabić), MIMS EPrint 2014.54, November 2014. Codes on Github: MATLAB, Python

The hyperbolic Schur decomposition, Linear Algebra Appl., 440 (2014), 90--110

On a decomposition of partitioned J-unitary matrices, Math. Commun., 17 (2012), 265--284

Matrix sign function (in Croatian), with N. Strabić, Math.e: hrvatski matematički elektronski časopis, 19, Zagreb, 2011

Two-sided hyperbolic SVD, Linear Algebra Appl., 433 (2010), 1265--1275

P=NP? (in Croatian), Matematičko--fizički list, Zagreb, 2010, LX, 4, 211--220

LiveGraphics3D (in Croatian), with I. Šimičić and V. Krčadinac, Math.e: hrvatski matematički elektronski časopis, 11, Zagreb, 2007

AliEn--ALICE environment on the GRID, with P. Saiz, L. B. Aphecetche, P. Bunčić, R. Piskač, J.-E. Revsbech, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A, 502 (2003), 437--440.

Potential Method applied on exact data, with L. Čaklović, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Operational Research (KOI2002), Trogir, Croatia, October 2--4, 2002., Croatian Operational Research Society, Faculty of Economics, 2003, 237--248

Improvement of AHP method, with L. Čaklović and R. Piskač, Math. Commun., 6 (2001), S1, 13--21