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I'm a Postdoctorial Research Assistant at Manchester University specializing in Numerical Linear Algebra.

My current research is High Performance Computing (HPC). As part of the NLAFET project (funded through Horizon 2020) our project aims to deliver a linear algebra library capable of exascale performance on distributed, heterogeneous architectures.

This involves parallel computing using GPUs, Xeon Phis, and other accelerators combined with traditional multi-core parallellism and MPI. The project also aims to make advances in offline (and online) autotuning, algorithm-based fault tolerance, and other issues related to modern HPC.

Previously my research was focused on matrix functions - a generalization of functions like the exponential and logarithm to square matrices that retains their useful properties. I'm interested in all aspects of such functions, from theoretical properties and algorithm design to discovering new applications and computer programming. Some of my algorithms have been incorporated in the NAG and SciPy libraries. You can read my papers or look at Manchester's Matrix Function Research Group for more information. My recent talks can be found on the conferences page.

I've also started branching out into some related areas. I have ongoing projects in machine learning (collaborating with colleagues from the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology) and in big data analytics and statistical modelling with Ian McHale.

Outside of work I like to play guitar, mainly rock and metal. I have a LTD MH-417, a Blackstar HT-5R, and my favourite pedal is my Ibanez TS9 (with the Monte Allums mod).

Here is my CV.

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