SIAM National Student Chapter Conference 2012

18th May 2012.
Alan Turing Building
University of Manchester

This conference is aiming to bring PhD and postdoctoral applied mathematicians from a wide variety of research areas into one place. We hope that by sharing ideas between ourselves we can be inspired to find new avenues of research, combining the various strengths of each research area. As such we would love to invite anyone with an interest in applied mathematics to Manchester on the 18th of May.

This one day event will consist of four plenary lectures, sixteen talks from PhDs and postdocs (split into two parallel sessions) and a poster session and there will be prizes for the best talk and poster of the day. For full details of the timetable as they emerge click here.

We plan to have a large amount of funding available for student transport to and from the conference. If you would be interested in being partly reimbursed for travel expenses, please tick the relevant box in the online registration form here . Unfortunately until the conference is over we will not know exactly how much money we have remaining, so we cannot pay for travel in advance.

Details on how to find the Alan Turing Building can be found here. For any further information or clarification and to submit a talk/poster proposal, please email Samuel Renton  . To tweet about the conference please use hashtag #SNSCC12. We look forwards to seeing you here in May.


Thanks for coming everyone! Personally I had a great time and I hope you did too, there were lots of interesting talks and discussions throughout the day.

Some photos from the event can be found on Nick Higham's webpage here. Thanks for a great conference and I look forward to seeing who hosts it next year!

Sam Relton - Chair of Organisation Committee

Plenary Speakers:

Speaker Title
Prof. Nick Trefethen (Oxford) How Chebfun solves ODEs and eigenvalue problems
Edvin Deadman (Numerical Algorithms Group) A Recursive Blocked Schur Algorithm for Computing the Matrix Square Root
Prof. Ernesto Estrada (Strathclyde) An Invitation to Complex Networks
Dr Will Parnell (Manchester) Elastodynamic Cloaking - How to Make an Invisible Building

Organising Committee:

Samuel Relton, University of Manchester
Mary Aprahamian, University of Manchester
Ramaseshan Kannan, University of Manchester
Matthew Hennesey, University of Oxford
Samuel Groth, University of Reading
Simon Gaulter, University of Reading

Additional information

Directions to Alan Turing Building
Accommodation Guide (PDF, 113.82KiB; last change: 23.6.2008., 11:35)