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Being a member of the Manchester SIAM Chapter has the following benefits:

  • make contacts and network with others working in industrial and applied mathematics by participating in Chapter events
  • have a say in the running of the Chapter, stand for election to committee positions and vote in elections

In addition if you are a Student you can become a student member of SIAM for free and receive the following benefits:

  • Subscription to SIAM News
  • Subscription to SIAM Review by electronic access
  • 30% discount on all SIAM books (purchase though Cambridge University Press)
  • 80% discount on up to four subscriptions to SIAM journals in print and any number of electronic journals
  • 95% discount on electronic access to current content and archives for all 13 journals
  • Eligibility to hold office and serve on SIAM committees

If you are a student please join SIAM at www.siam.org, for free (since The University of Manchester is an Academic Member of SIAM), when selecting institution look for The University of Manchester, and under Student Chapter membership select 'University of Manchester'.

Note that only students are required to join SIAM to be a member of this Chapter.

Please fill in all the fields:

Password: Confirm Password:

I accept the rules of procedure of the SIAM Chapter.

If you have any problems with the registration please ask a member of the committee.

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