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Professor Roger Plymen

Professor Roger Plymen

Pure Mathematics Group

Room 1.211, Alan Turing Building
School of Mathematics,
University of Manchester
Manchester M13 9PL, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 7973 698510


Emeritus professor of Pure Mathematics at Manchester University, Visiting professor at Southampton University

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Lecture Notes

Skewes Number

For my recent Online Math Notes on the Skewes Number, please click here. The Skewes Number is the least number for which the prime number theorem undercounts the number of primes. Two papers on this subject were published in July 2010: Chao-Plymen and Saouter-Demichel. The best upper bound for the Skewes Number is around exp(727.9513), a number with 316 digits, see Stefanie Zegowitz . For a popular lecture on this topic, please click here. The article of Stoll and Demichel is full of lively interest.

Math and music

Saloni Shah, a former undergraduate, has written a superlative project on math and music: please click here.

65th Birthday Conference

For the poster and list of speakers, please click here.