Advice for speakers

We welcome presentations in all areas of mathematics. The talks should last 15-20 minutes and will be followed by a few minutes for questions. While you will not be forced to stop immediately on the 20-minute mark, we will remind you to finish promptly. This is to allow time for questions and to ensure the smooth running of the conference.

Try not to get too detailed or fit too much in. Understanding the statement of a theorem can be difficult enough, let alone understanding the proof. Remember, that your audience will be of a general mathematics background, and a lot of people may not know what you know. A successful talk is one where the audience comes away knowing something they didn't before, or having found what you had to say interesting.

On the day we will provide a laptop and projector, and we advise that you prepare your slides in Beamer to ensure compatibility. If you require any other special equipment for your talk, please let us know in advance and we will try to accommodate it.

Abstracts and titles of the talks should be submitted by Monday 18th September. Furthermore, the slides for talks should be submitted by Monday 25th September.

Advice for poster presenters

You can find the poster templates below. You may display other visual aids alongside your poster - please contact the organisers if you require any special equipment.

The poster session will take place during the tea/coffee and lunch breaks. During the poster presentations you are expected to further explain your work orally to any interested parties. We ask that presenters stand near to their poster during the breaks so that they can field questions and explain things in more detail.

Much of the advice for speakers holds for those presenting a poster.

Abstracts and titles for posters should be submitted by Monday 18th September.

Poster Templates

There are four different poster templates to choose from. Please use the links below:

Poster template 1 Sample ZIP
Poster template 2 Sample ZIP
Poster template 3 Sample ZIP
Poster template 4 Sample ZIP