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MATH10121 Calculus and Vectors A

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Lecturer: Prof. Oliver Jensen

Lecture timetable: Semester 1

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A coursework test will take place in Week 6, at 1pm on Tuesday 31st October, University Place Theatre B. Please read these instructions!

An example of a Week 6 coursework test is given here

Lecture Notes:

Notes with gaps, weeks 1-5: A0 Introduction; A1 Numbers; A2 Functions; A3 Limits and Derivatives;
A4 Power Series and Complex Numbers; A5 Integration; A6 Sketching graphs and curves

Notes with gaps, Weeks 7-11: B1 Vectors; B2 Partial Derivatives; B3 Multiple Integrals

Week 12: Revision

Annotated notes: Lecture 1 Lecture 2 Lectures 3 & 4
Lecture 5 Lecture 6 Lectures 7 & 8
Lecture 9 Lecture 10 Lectures 11 & 12
Lecture 13 Lecture 14 Lectures 15 & 16

Lecture capture podcasts will be available here

Problem Sheets:

Please complete the starred questions each week and hand these in before the supervision class. For week 1, take the answers along to the class. Full answers to the problem sheets will be available on this page in the week following each class.
week 1 [answers]; week 2 [answers]; week 3 [answers];
week 4 [answers]; week 5 [answers]; weeks 6-7
week 8 week 9 week 10
week 11 week 12

Past Exams:

Papers: 2016/17 [commentary]; 2015/16 [commentary]; 2014/15 [commentary]; 2013/14 [commentary]
Unfortunately it is not possible to provide full solutions to all past exams, but examples will be provided from Lecture 40 onwards.


Watch this space for feedback on the Week 6 Coursework Test and the January exam.

Supervision classes provide an opportunity for students' work to be discussed and provide feedback on their understanding. Students can also get feedback on their understanding directly from the lecturer, for example during the lecturer's office hour.

Supplementary sheets:

Notation; Set theory; Differentiation and Integration