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Talks and seminars

» Symmetric Principal Pivot Transform and Semidefinite Lagrangian Subspaces, 2015

» Anderson Acceleration for the Alternating Projections Method, 2015

» Exploiting Structure in Matrix Computations is Sometimes Necessary but Always Desirable, 2014

» What is the Cost of Falling Asleep During the "Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing" Class?, 2014

» Repairing the Indefiniteness of a Correlation Matrix with a Fixed Block, 2014

» An Overview of the Embeddability Problem, f(A) group meeting, 2012

» Cholesky algorithm for the Hermitian positive definite eigenvalue problem, talk for the Phd interview at the University of Manchester, April 2012

Seminars during my Phd course in Croatia

» Cholesky method, in Croatian, seminar for the course ``Diagonalization Methods'', July 2011

» Doubly Stochastic Matrices, Majorization and Ky Fan k-norms, in Croatian, seminar for the course ``Selected topics in Matrix Theory'', July 2010

» Matrix Sign Function, in Croatian, diploma thesis presentation, June 2009