Last updated: 18 April 2008; with apologies for my ongoing absence as I recover from shoulder surgery ... I still cannot lift my right arm!

This course is constrained by the size of the room available, and has been oversubscribed in previous years. Students will therefore be accepted in order of registration, until the limit is reached. If you are unsure that the system has recorded your attempt to register, please check with the School's Teaching and Learning Office in the Alan Turing atrium. Thank you for your understanding!

MID-SEMESTER TEST, 300-340PM Tuesday 11 March 2008, in the RUTHERFORD LECTURE THEATRE, Schuster Building.

The test SOLUTIONS and marking scheme are now available here.

I taught this course for the first time during Semester 2, 2005/6. Each year since, Grant Walker has kindly given me permission to use his wonderful notes and examples sheets from MT 3522 (2004/5), which are available on his homepage. I expect to hand out hard copies (at least of the first chapter) during lectures. For the table of simplest knots and links, go to the Knot Zoo; you can also try here (thanks, Gemma!).

Solutions to the examples will also be posted on Grant's homepage after an appropriate amount of thinking time has elapsed.

For your convenience, I have attached a timetable of classes.

Assessment will be based 20% on the mid-semester test, and 80% on the final examination. I shall say more about the test by the end of week 5, and post the information above. The final examination will be of exactly the same style and coverage as you can find in the previous papers of 2004 and 2005 (with diagrams!).

For further details, background reading, and useful websites, see the School's course page and Grant's homepage.

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