MATH10101: Course Materials

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Jonathan Fraser's course materials for weeks 7--12 2015 can now be found here.

Course Text

All students are expected to acquire a copy of

Week 6 Test

Here are the solutions for the 2015 test, and some feedback on how it went will be available soon.

Your marks are now visible on My Manchester, and you can reclaim your papers from your feedback supervisors.

Problem Sheets

Problems for work in Feedback Classes are listed below. Answers (including partial attempts!) should be submitted for marking. Handing-in procedures and weekly deadlines should be negotiated directly with supervisors, who may (or may not) wish to focus on starred questions. Throughout this initial semester, marks are awarded for effort, rather than accuracy.

Students are responsible for ensuring that they are properly prepared by downloading these pages well in advance of the relevant week. The time and place of each supervision class (with name of supervisor) will be posted on the 1st year notice board at the start of the semester.

Week 6 is reading week.

Solutions will be posted after sufficient time has elapsed for the problems to mature in students' minds!


The January 2015 examination will be of the same format as the previous three years; namely answer 5/5 in part A, and 3/5 in part B.

Here is the January 2014 examination paper, and here are the solutions.
Here is my part of the January 2015 paper, with solutions and my feedback.

Lecture Notes

Here are my handwritten lecture notes for each of the first five weeks, to be posted at the end of the week. They approximate what I write on the board, but will not be very helpful to students who have not attended. Everything they contain is also in the course textbook, where thorough explanations are given; the text should be thought of as the fully detailed course notes!


In case you have forgotten, here is the course timetable!