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Schedule, Winter/Spring 2017
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Room: Room 2.130, Alan Turing Building (number 46 on this campus map)
Phone: (0161) 306 3646
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Telling a story, John invented or developed a sceptical person rather than talk abstractly about an atmosphere of scepticism. He did something similar with Judas Iscariot, working in a tradition of Jewish writing in which narrative could be supplemented by more narrative to make particular points, to explain difficulties or to update the story. Since there was obviously a betrayal there needed to be a betrayer; Judas filled the role, and earlier mentions of him were made to fit the character that had developed. It is a complex and rather beautiful process, and once the power of fiction is let loose on such a character there is no knowing how he will end up.

From a 2006 book review, Blackening, by Frank Kermode.

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Mathematical Biology
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Alan Turing: G.205
Discrete Maths
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Alan Turing: G.205
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Alan Turing 2.130
  Joe Dooley
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Mathematical Biology
Alan Turing: G.205

Top Preprints & Papers


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Elena E. Giorgi, Harikrishnan Balachandran, Mark Muldoon, Norman L. Letvin, Barton F. Haynes, Bette T. Korber and Sampa Santra, Cross-reactive potential of human T-lymphocyte responses in HIV-1 infection, Vaccine, 32, (2014).

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