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MATH49111/69111 - Scientific Computing

Lecturer: Dr. Martin Lotz
Lecture: Monday 10-11, ATB G.209
Lab: Friday 13-15, ATB G.105 (Computer room)
Office hour: Monday 11-12

General Information

The course will teach the syntax and logical structure of C++ programming and object-oriented development with no assumed prior knowledge. The emphasis is placed on the implementation of common mathematical tasks/algorithms in C++. The students must select two projects from a list of available topics in applied mathematics. The projects will be assessed by a written report with working code. More general information on the course can be found here.

Lecture Notes and Slides

Slides for the lecture will be published regularly. The pages for each week also contain additional information on the tasks to be achieved in each week. Material from a previous years' course by Dr. P. Johnson can be found here.


The first assignment, counting 40%, is to be handed at the end of week 8 (14/11/2014), while the second one, counting 50%, is due at the end of week 12 (on 12/12/2014). Three smaller coursework tasks in during the first 4 weeks will count towards the remaining 10%.


The recommended system for writing mathematics, and in particular the project reports, is Latex. A good collection of links and information can be found here and here.

Sample Code

Additional material