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Mark's Teaching

The best way to contact me during termtime is usually to come to my office hour. Outside termtime (or during termtime if I am not lecturing for some reason) I do not have a regular office hour, but please feel free to email me for an appointment (or just ask a question by email).

Current Courses

In Semester Two of 2014-15 I am lecturing....

Please click on the course name above for details and support materials.

Projects and Research Supervision

Please note that I will be on sabbatical leave in Semester One of 2014-15, and therefore can only supervise one-semester projects in Semester Two. For information about PhD and postdoctoral supervision please look here.

CS/Mathematics Joint Programmes

I am programme director in the School of Mathematics for the two joint honours programmes in Computer Science and Mathematics. If you are on one of these programmes, you should feel free to contact me with any problems relating to the mathematics side of your studies. Andrea Schalk in the School of Computer Science is in overall charge of the programme, and is probably your best point of contact for problems with the programme in general or on the CS side. A lot of information can be found on the....

Old Courses

In Semester One of 2010-2011 I taught an informal graduate-level introduction to semigroup theory, aimed primarily at staff and PhD students.

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