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LMS Prospects in Mathematics

Manchester, 18-19 December 2012

Are you considering applying for Ph.D. studies in Mathematics for entry in 2013? If yes, this meeting is for you!

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About the meeting:

The meeting is aimed at final year undergraduate (and MSc) students across the UK considering applying for Ph.D. studies in Mathematics for entry in 2013. The conference has the goal to introduce the many and varied opportunities for research in mathematics that exist at universities in the UK. Speakers will share their passion about mathematical research by describing the type of questions they are working on, and will discuss where their research topic is being actively studied in the UK. Moreover, information about the Doctoral Training Centers in Mathematical Sciences and funding opportunities will be available. The event will be held in Manchester 18-19 December 2012 and will be sponsored by the London Mathematical Society. The talks will be held in the afternoon of Tuesday 18 December and the meeting will finish in the early afternoon of Wednesday 19 December. The conference dinner on Tuesday evening and the various breaks will provide plenty of opportunity to interact informally with the speakers.

Confirmed speakers:

Representatives from the Doctoral Training Centres:


Tuesday, 18 December:

Wednesday, 19 December:

Location and practical information:

The event will be held in the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester.

The School of Mathematics is housed in the Alan Turing Building. On the University Campus map the building is marked as number 46. Lectures will be given in the Frank Adams room (on the first floor; follow the signs).

Further information about travel to Manchester and the School of Mathematics is available on the School webpages.

Accommodation will be at the

IBIS Hotel Charles Street/Princess Street
Manchester M1 7DG
Tel: 0161 619 9001

Google maps or this pdf copy of that webpage show you how to get from the Alan Turing Building to the hotel (and back!).

How to participate:

Funding is available to provide accommodation for around 50 participants and to help cover their cost of travelling to Manchester. All applicants are automatically considered for funding. To apply to attend, email prospects-in-maths@manchester.ac.uk with a subject heading "Prospects Application" and include: To receive full consideration for funding, your application needs to be received by the

Application Deadline: Dec 2, 2012

Funding decisions will be made shortly thereafter. Late applications are considered at the discretion of the organisers.

Local Organiser:

Matthias Heil (Manchester).

Steering Committee:

Michael Farber (Durham), Iain Gordon (Edinburgh), Nicholas J. Higham (Manchester), Jens Marklof (Bristol), John Parker (Durham), Norbert Peyerimhoff (Durham), Jared Tanner (Edinburgh) and Corinna Ulcigrai (Bristol).


The event is supported and sponsored by The London Mathematical Society .

Past Events:

2011 2010 2009 2006 2005


A report on the meeting was published on pages 20-21 of the LMS Newsletter February 2013.

Some pictures of the Manchester event

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Top left to bottom right: Anand Pillay, Carmen Molina-Paris, Chris Hughes, Colm Caulfield, some of the crowd, Darren Crowdy, Jane Hutton, Mark Holland, Rob Scheichl, Sarah Whitehouse. [Michael Wemyss couldn't make it (Mark Kambites and Francoise Tisseur stepped in at short notice to fill the slot); I don't have a good picture of Nick Bingham, but luckily there's one on his webpage if you want to know what he looks like!].

Some of the presentations

Many of the talks were given using a mixture of computer projection and blackboard, some only used the blackboard. Here are some of the pdf files:

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