Experiments in Mathematics Using Maple and Mathematica

For High Schools And Home Computer Users

C.T.J. Dodson Homepage and E.A. Gonzalez Homepage

As part of a program to develop interactive teaching materials for high schools, we have written two sets of software, one in each of Maple and Mathematica, to cover the whole mathematical syllabus in the two senior high school years. Two books have been written to support the software and the first of these Experiments In Mathematics Using Maple published by Springer-Verlag in 1995 (ISBN 3-540-59284-9). The software is available via anonymous FTP: please visit the following README files to find additional information about these packages:

Maple:  http://www.ma.umist.ac.uk/kd/ednet/maths/maple/readme.html

Mathematica:  http://www.ma.umist.ac.uk/kd/ednet/maths/mathematica/readme.html

Advanced Material (University Level)

More advanced Mathematica notebooks, aimed at first and second year college and university students are available from the location:


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