A Related Conference in Britain:

Please Note:
The 6th ICFD Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics
will be held in the University of Oxford from 31st March to 3rd April 1998, organised by the Institute for Computational Fluid Dynamics.

The ICFD committee is willing to charge half of their normal registration fee to delegates who firstly attend the 7th International Conference on Numerical Combustion and then attend the last two days of the 6th ICFD conference. Moreover contributions in turbulence and combustion will be scheduled for these two days so that anyone who wishes can benefit from themes common to both meetings. There are direct rail connections between York and Oxford.

For information on the ICFD conference contact:

ICFD Secretary, Mrs Bette Byrne,
Oxford University Computing Laboratory,
Oxford OX1 3QD,
United Kingdom.
E-mail: Bette@comlab.ox.ac.uk
Phone: +44-1865-273-883
FAX : +44-1865-273-839.

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