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As you might expect a search of the Internet will reveal many web sites where you can find more about the history and technicalities of ragtime and traditional jazz, and download MIDI files of ragtime piece.  Here is a selection which you may find of interest:   Ragtime Piano MIDI files by Warren Trachtman. Includes pieces by Scott Joplin, James Scott, Joseph Lamb, Jelly-Roll Morton and Eubie Blake.  Brief biography  of Scott Joplin.   Dr. Maner is an Professor of English who is also a ragtime enthusiast. His web site illustrates by MIDI files the difference between rag and jazz styles by giving the same piece played in both styles, as Jelly Roll Morton himself liked to demonstrate. .   This has a thorough history of ragtime's development, a description of the characteristics of a rag, and a short biography of Scott Joplin.   and   On-line encyclopaedia with articles on ragtime and many of its composers.   Large collection of MIDI files of rags and dances such as waltzes, two steps and cakewalks. Listen to and/or download the MIDI files. On the first page of this web site select Frames or No Frames to enter the main page and index.   Another site with generous MIDI files of ragtime, stride and swing piano to download.

Three pages on technical characteristics of ragtime at

Tom Byrne is an ex-student of mathematics, taught by John Reade, who has an interesting web site of non-rag time music inspired by Druids and mystical thinking.

Finally rag time in Sweden! A generous collection of articles and downloads of original rags from a lively group of northern ragtime enthusiasts.