MATH39001, Combinatorics and Graph Theory

Here is the syllabus.


What is examinable?

The past 3 years' examination papers are available in blackboard together with the solutions to and the generic feedback on the January 2017 paper.
I am happy to look at your solutions to past examination questions or to any of the questions on the problem sheets to provide individual feedback.
There are also some additional problems grouped by topic in the "Practice problems" item.

Coursework test

The test, the solutions and the generic feedback are available in blackboard in the folder "Coursework test".


Graph theory notes in one file, or in separate chapters:

Here is the link to the textbook for the second half of the course: generatingfunctionology.

Generating functions notes in one file, or in separate chapters:

Homework and solutions

Handouts and related material

Interactive Ford–Fulkerson algorithm

Go to All Programs → MATH39001 → FlowDemo on any of the computers in the ATB ground floor cluster. (The first time you may have to a wait a long time for Mathematica to download. You will probably need to scroll down each time to see the latest graph, this is the result of an undocumented change from Mathematica 7.)

Useful links

There are HELM (Helping Engineers Learn Mathematics) modules covering partial fractions, 1st order ODE's and 2nd order ODE's, which you may find useful if your knowledge of calculus has become a bit rusty.

66 combinatorial problems involving the Catalan numbers and 141 more

Squared squares and rectangles:,,,,
Numberphile video about squaring the square and some extra footage.

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