Introduction to Algebraic Geometry

This is a course about the basics concepts of algebraic geometry dealing with affine and projective varieties, co-ordinate rings, morphisms, rational maps and elliptic curves.


(Updated on 11 May, 2017)

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Problem sheets

The solutions to all problem sheets are now available in blackboard.


The four most recent examination papers as well the solutions to and the generic feedback on the 2016 examination are available in blackboard.

What is examinable?


The solutions of the coursework assignment and generic feedback are available in blackboard.

The total coursework mark (out of 20) can be calculated by the formula min(0.4*(test mark+coursework assignment mark)+(bonus mark for the cloverleaf problem),20).

Handouts and related material


Feedback tutorials provide an opportunity for your work to be discussed and to provide formative feedback on your understanding. You will also get individual feedback on the coursework and the in-class test. You can always hand in your solution to any of the questions on the problem sheets or past examinations papers and I will give you feedback on your work.

Animations and videos

The course also has its own dedicated youtube channel.


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