Research Students

Successful M.Sc. and PhD Students

Ph. D. Students

1987 Andrew P. Bassom Ph.D. Univ. of Exeter

1995 Jeffrey W. Cole Ph.D. Univ. of Exeter Hydrodynamic stability of compressible boundary layer flows.

1992 Helen Morris Ph.D. Univ. of Exeter.

1996 Precious Sibanda Ph.D Univ. of Manchester. Boundary layer stability and cross flow vortices in compressible flows.

1996 Andrew P. Jackson Ph.D. Univ. of Manchester. Multigrid solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations in two and three dimensions.

1996 Mohammed Arebi Ph.D. Univ. of Manchester, Hydrodynamic stability and cross-flow vortices in boundary layers.

1998 Mustapha Turkyilmazoglu Ph.D. Univ. of Manchester. Linear absolute and convective instabilities of some two and three dimensional flows.

2002 Andrew Gibson Ph.D. Univ. of Manchester. The linear stability of channel and pipe flows bounded by compliant walls.

2003. Nabila Azzam. Ph.D. Univ. of Manchester. Numerical solution of the Navier-Stokes equations for the flow in a lid-driven cavity and a cylinder cascade.

2003. Hosne Ara Jasmine. PhD. Univ. of Manchester. Absolute and convective instabilities in some rotating fluid flows.

2004. Ashna Sen. PhD. Univ. of Manchester. High Reynolds number flow in a flexible tube.

2005. Rui Pereira. Ph.D. Univ. of Manchester, (jointly supervised with Prof. A. Ruban). Asymptotic theory of transonic viscous inviscid interaction,

2006. Ramesh Yapalparvi. Ph.D. University of Manchester, (jointly supervised with Prof. A. Ruban). Theoretical and numerical analysis of visocus-inviscid interaction.

2007. Bharati Laxmi Boppana. Ph.D. University of Manchester Flow instabiility in a lid-driven cavity and circular cylinder cascase.

2008. Robert P. Logue. Ph.D. University of Manchester. Stability and bifurcations governed by the triple-deck equations.

2010. Hanadi Hassan Zahed. Ph.D. University of Manchester. Computations of bifurcations for the Navier-Stokes equations

2011. Kwan Yee Chan. Ph.D. University of Manchester. Leading edge stall.

2013. Badr Alkahtani. Ph.D. University of Manchester. Numerical Solution to the Navier-Stokes Equations in Two And Three Dimensions.

2014. Saadia Farid. Ph.D. University of Manchester. Liquid layer flow over a convex corner in the presence of a magnetic field.

2016. Abdulrahman Aljohani. Ph.D. University of Manchester. Applications of triple-deck theory to study the flow over localised heating elements in boundary layers.

M.Sc. Students

1992 Precious Sibanda M.Sc. Univ. of Manchester. On the stability of compressible flow over a flat plate.

1992 Andrew Jackson M.Sc. Univ. of Manchester. Solution of Poisson's equation on 1024 processors using a multigrid approach.

1994 Mustapha Turkyilmazoglu M.Sc. Univ. of Manchester. A numerical study of three-dimensional unsteady viscous flow in a lid-driven cavity.

2000. Michael Deevy. M.Sc. Univ. of Manchester. A numerical study of transonic flow over aerofoils using the GMRES(m) method to solve the Karman-Guderlay equation.

2000 Hakan Wedin M.Sc. Univ. of Manchester. Generation of Tollmien-Schlichting waves over a compliant surface.

2000. Olivier Varlet. . M.Sc. Univ. of Manchester. A numerical study of the 2d transonic small disturbance equation for aerofoils using a direct pseudo-spectral method.

2004. Richard Stedman. M.Sc. Univ. of Manchester.

2005. Robert P Logue. M.Sc. University of Manchester Numerical simulation of the Navier-Stokes equations with a double Chebychev expansion.

2005. Rowan Philpot. M.Sc. University of Manchester Fully developed free surface liquid layer flow over a convex corner.

2005. Bradley Walsh. M.Sc. University of Manchester Effects of temperature dependent viscosity in channel flow.

2008. Catherine Saunders. M.Sc. University of Manchester Stability of Boundary-Layer Flows Governed by the Triple-Deck Equations.

2008. Lilanthi Samareskara. M.Sc. University of Manchester Transonic Flow Past Airfoils Including the Occurrence of Shock Waves.

2009. Nicoletta Kryiakidou (M.Sc. University of Manchester). Subsonic flow past a circular cylinder.

2010. Jason Cooke (M.Sc. with Distinction, University of Manchester). CFD study of hydrogen release in a ventilated room using OpenFoam.

2010. Mohammad R. Shaikh (M.Sc. University of Manchester). Transonic interactions.

2014. James Fielder. (M.Sc. University of Manchester). Gold ball aerodynamics.