Informal Seminars Spring 2004

Fridays 4pm: Maths and Social Sciences Building M12

6th February 2004

David Harris
Topic: Modelling granular flow

13th February 2004

Catherine Powell
Topic: Algebraic Multigrid Methods

20th February 2004

David Silvester
Topic: Algebraic multigrid methods for solving incompressible flow problems

27th February 2004

Peter Neal
Topic: Epidemic Models

5th March 2004

Mingjing Jiang
Topic: The Discrete Element Method and its Application to Geotechnical Engineering

12th March 2004

Milan Mihajlovic
Topic: The Biharmonic Eigenvalue Problem and Moffat Eddies

19th March 2004

Peter Grassberger
Topic: Mutual information and its applications to clustering and to least dependent component analysis

23rd April 2004

Chris Bates
Topic: Kaleidoscopes, Symmetry and Science

30th April 2004

James Montaldi
Topic: Choreographies, Variational Methods and Topology

7th May 2004

Paul Sparks
Topic: Flame propagation in a small scale parallel flow

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