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Beyer Professor of Applied Mathematics
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waves on the Saltaire Canal
Here are some wind-generated nearly planar periodic water waves on the canal in Saltaire. Note the wave pattern caused by water flowing past an inhomogeneity on the canal wall. 
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guzzi engine

Triumph Bonneville - click to hear engine
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My 1977 Triumph Bonneville T140 V

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  David Abrahams' recent duties:
  • Chair of the 50th British Applied Mathematics Colloquium (University of Manchester 2008)
  • President of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (2008-2009)
    (for anyone with plenty of time on his/her hands, here is an interview I gave in IMA's Mathematics Today in December 2007)
  • Sub-panel Member of Unit of Assessment F21 (Applied Mathematics) for the Research Assessment Exercise

  • Research Activity

    David Abrahams has devoted research effort to the broad area of applied mathematics, and specifically to the theoretical understanding of wave processes, since graduating in 1982 with a PhD in theoretical acoustics. He has published some 90 articles in this period. Abrahams holds the Beyer Chair of Applied Mathematics at the University of Manchester, a position first occupied by Sir Horace Lamb. He has published extensively in the areas of fluid/structural interactions, nondestructive evaluation, fracture mechanics, electromagnetism, water waves and seismology. He has been particularly concerned over the years with the development of existing or new mathematical techniques, and has had a number of successes in this direction, for example with matrix Wiener-Hopf systems. He is also interested in the application of such methods, for example to problems in physics and engineering, including acoustics, Stokesí flows in ducts, electromagnetic and geophysical wave propagation and scattering, and recently to mathematical finance. Abrahams is enthusiastic about public engagement activities within the applied mathematics community (mainly through IMA and University activities) and gives occasional talks to non-specialists.

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    Have a look at my Researcher ID to see a publication list up to January 2011.

    Research Publications since 1995:

    Articles published in 1995: Articles published in 1996: Articles published in 1997: Articles published in 1998: Articles published in 1999: Articles published in 2000: Articles published in 2001: Articles published in 2002: Articles published in 2005: Articles published in 2006: Articles published in 2007: Articles published to-date in 2008: Articles in press: Articles submitted:

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    Due to force of circumstance I have, in the past, had to enjoy home restoration including woodworking, plumbing and rewiring. For example, I have designed and built several central heating systems over the years. Also, when time allowed, I enjoyed designing and constructing hi-fi and other electronic equipment.

    Unfortunately, my current positions allow me very little time for such creative outlets, but I love watching all sports and especially athletics. I have managed to maintain a limited participation in sport; namely through five-a-side football and distance road running.

    Italian & British Motorcycles

    I have always loved motorcycles, their design and maintenance. I have ridden the same rusty old monster since 1978, an Italian Moto Guzzi 850 T3 (born on the  edge of beautiful Lake Como at Mandello del Lario) and it has now reached its 31st birthday. It has a V-twin engine, bored out to 1000cc and weighs a very hefty 550lb. Anyone interested in Moto Guzzis should check out the websites of Moto Guzzi Club GB or the US Moto Guzzi Club for pictures and parts etc. 

    I have also recently bought a Trumph Bonneville T140V, born in 1977 at the Meriden factory in Coventry. I have always loved British bikes but have unfortunately never owned one before - thanks to the lure of ebay that is now resolved! The 'bonnie' is perhaps the best known and most loved British bike ever made, and my new purchase is an absolute dream to ride (not as fast as the Guzzi but so much more nippy up until around 50mph). The Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club is one of the oldest and biggest motorcycle clubs in the world.

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