MATH3/4/62051 Hyperbolic Geometry

MATH3/4/62051 Hyperbolic Geometry

Lecture notes

The lectures notes for both the 10-credit and 15-credit versions of the course can be found here:

The lecture notes also contain the exercises and solutions to the exercises. I will trust you to have a serious attempt at the exercises before referring to the solutions.

Note to people from Imperial and St Andrews (and others): I understand that Fabrizio Bianchi (Imperial) and Jon Fraser (St Andrews) have recommended these notes for part of their courses. in the notes then please let me know (email: charles dot walkden at manchester dot ac dot uk) - thanks!

Some links that are discussed in the lectures:

The following may be of use:

The coursework for this course is a 10-question closed-book multiple choice test. The test is on Tuesday 1st November at 2pm in Chemistry G51. The test will cover all the material covered in Weeks 1 to 5. There is no negative marking in the test. The test is worth 10\% of your final mark (Level 3) and 7\% of your final mark (Levels 4 and 6).

In previous years, the coursework ran in a different way: there was a take-home quiz that didn't count for credit. Here's last year's quiz.


You will get feedback on your understanding in this course from (i) the Week 6 coursework test, (ii) the Kahoot! and Quizizz quizzes, (iii) during the support classes, (iv) during my office hour, and (v) via the generic feedback (and exam script viewing) on the final exam. This feedback will allow you to gauge your understanding of the material during the course, understand the mark that you got in the assessment, understand how you could do better in the future.

Past exams

Below are the past papers for the last 3 years. MATH3* is the 10-credit version, MATH4*/MATH6* is the 15-credit version for 4th year and M.Sc. students.