MATH3/4/62051 Hyperbolic Geometry

MATH3/4/62051 Hyperbolic Geometry

Lecture notes

The lectures notes for both the 10-credit and 15-credit versions of the course can be found here:

The lecture notes also contain the exercises and solutions to the exercises. I will trust you to have a serious attempt at the exercises before referring to the solutions.

Note to people from Warwick (and others): I understand that Neil O'Connell has recommended my notes for part of the 3rd year Hyperbolic Geometry course at Warwick. If any of you spot any typos/mistakes/etc in the notes then please let me know (email: charles dot walkden at manchester dot ac dot uk) - thanks!

Some links that are discussed in the lectures:

The following may be of use:

The coursework for this course is a 10-question closed-book multiple choice test. The test is on Tuesday 1st November at 2pm in Chemistry G51. The test will cover all the material covered in Weeks 1 to 5. There is no negative marking in the test. The test is worth 10\% of your final mark (Level 3) and 7\% of your final mark (Levels 4 and 6).

In previous years, the coursework ran in a different way: there was a take-home quiz that didn't count for credit. Here's last year's quiz.

Past exams

Below are the past papers for the last 3 years. MATH3* is the 10-credit version, MATH4*/MATH6* is the 15-credit version for 4th year and M.Sc. students.