20411 Online Resources (2013-2014)

Available Resources

Lecturer: Dr. Catherine Powell
Email: c_dot_powell_at_manchester_dot_ac_dot_uk
Office: 1.124, Alan Turing Building.
Office Hours: Monday 15:00-16:00 and Tuesday 11:00-12:00.
Lectures: Monday 12:00, Chemistry G.51 and Tuesday 17:00, Schuster, Rutherford Theatre.
Example Classes: Students are allocated ONE of the following classes in the Alan Turing building (G.107): Monday 13:00, Tuesday 12:00.

Students will be required to use MATLAB occasionally and should know how to set up vectors, perform mathematical operations on vectors, write simple programmes and plot functions. Demos will be given in examples classes throughout the term and examples given on handouts. Useful MATLAB resources and tutorials can be found on the web, including, HERE. An extensive range of MATLAB manuals are also available at the library.

MATLAB essentials

Online Lecture Notes

Students are required to take their own notes in the lectures. Additional online lecture notes (to be read between lectures) are available below. Note that these are supplementary to lectures. I will usually give out paper copies at the end of lectures.

The material on solving differential equations via finite differences gives a first taste of numerical analysis. This is a branch of applied mathematics with many important applications in the real world. For more details, and a list of other courses on numerical analysis, see the Numerical Analysis undergraduate student pathway.

Example Sheets

On average, there is one example sheet per week. HOWEVER - questions are grouped according to topics. Some sheets have more questions than you will be able to do in one week but can be used for revision later. Example classes start in week 2, so you should aim to have done most of sheet 1 for week 2. You will get the most out of the example classes if you try the questions beforehand. You can then ask questions about the problems you are unable to do. You should attend ONE example class per week (not both).

Students taking the MATH20411 resit in August 2014 who do not have all the solutions to the example sheets should email the lecturer to request them, clearly stating which solutions they are missing.

MATLAB codes

For certain lectures (e.g. the ones on finite difference methods in weeks 9 and 10) students will need the following MATLAB codes. Download the files and save to your P-drive. Open them in the MATLAB editor and read the instructions.


You do not need to buy any textbooks for this course. We cover several topics in calculus and applied mathematics. However, the following books all contain some material you will meet in the course.


The Coursework test has now taken place and scripts have been returned.

Students who did not collect their scripts during the lectures and examples classes should now go to reception in the Alan Turing building.

Exam resources

Sample exam paper and solutions

Past papers are avaliable from the main School of Mathematics website . Solutions to these exam papers are not provided. Solutions to examples sheets and the sample exam will help you revise for the exam.

Tips and general advice on taking the 20411 exam

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