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Craig Lucas

I was a research student here at the School of Mathematics from 2001 to 2004. I then worked in the High Performance Computing team in Research Computing, but am now at the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG).

I am very pleased to be still associated with the NA Group at Manchester. Firstly working with Nick Higham and Rüdiger Borsdorf
as Rüdiger's Industrial Supervisor. And secondly, with Nick, Françoise Tisseur and Edvin Deadman on the Matrix Functions KTP project.

PhD and before


My research area was Numerical Linear Algebra under the supervision of Nick Higham. My thesis is entitled Algorithms for Cholesky and QR Factorizations, and the Semidefinite Generalized Eigenvalue Problem. It covers these problems:


My MSc thesis was Computing Nearest Covariance and Correlation Matrices, and files to download.


My BSc project was The Numerical Investigation of a Model for the Body Dynamics of a Swimming Lamprey.


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