Differential Algebraic Equations with After-Effect
Christopher T.H. Baker, Christopher A.H. Paul & Hongjiong Tian
Delay differential algebraic equations, delay differential equations, neutral differential equations, singularly perturbed delay differential equations
Report No.
1st October 2000
Submitted to Journal of Computational Applied Mathematics
File size
386Kb (ps)/228Kb (pdf)
We consider the numerical solution of delay differential algebraic equations -- they are differential algebraic equations with after-effect, or constrained delay differential equations. The general semi-explicit form of the problem consists of a set of delay differential equations along with a set of constraints that may involve retarded arguments. Even simply-stated problems of this type can give rise to difficult analytical and numerical problems. The more tractable examples can be shown to be equivalent to systems of delay or neutral delay differential equations. We shall explore, in particular through examples, some of the complexities and obstacles that can arise when solving these problems.
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